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Welcome to Greg Everett Music.
Greg writes commercial lyrics, and handles vocal elements, from singing to narration. Check out Greg's online albums,
I've Never Been Here Before and De-Plugged by Wow And The Bar Flies.

Greg has an outstanding list of credentials.

Career Music Highlights:
• An accomplished guitarist having performed solo as well as with several Midwest bands
• Excellent recording and production experience, including his current home studio facilities
• Performed in a wide array of venues from night clubs and cabarets to performing arts shows
  and large concerts
• Composed and arranged music in country, jazz, funk, blues and other styles
• Worked with many top names in the music industry including George Strait, Crystal Gayle,
  Kenny Price, Lacy J. Dalton, Eddie Raven, Jan Howard, Thee Prophets, Ides of March, Maria
  Muldaur, Tower of Power and others
• Writes jingles, lyrics, composes original music, arranges all instrumental and vocal elements
• Written, arranged and performed on numerous jingles including two receiving national exposure

©2007 Greg Everett

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